IN Court Issues Arrest Warrants For Juror No-Shows


Cracking down on jury service scofflaws, Indianapolis’s superior court issued 17 arrest warrants yesterday for people who missed jury duty or ignored court summonses, reports the Indianapolis Star. Judges hope the prospect of an arrest for contempt of court will prompt more potential jurors to come in when they're called. Despite months of publicity and public-service ads about the get-tough policy, the county's no-show rate continues to hover below 50 percent.

Among those selected to be made the first examples, nine ignored summonses to mass court hearings called in November for people who had missed jury duty. Another eight showed up to those hearings, received a new jury assignment – and then didn't show up again. Said Glenn Lawrence, court administrator: “We're talking about taxpayers' money and the inconvenience of people who do show up. It bogs down the system.”


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