Despite Crackdowns, Mexico Still Biggest U.S. Meth Supplier


Mexican drug traffickers are the main suppliers of methamphetamine to the U.S. and produce enormous quantities of the drug despite government crackdowns, says a Justice Department report quoted by the Associated Press. Mexico’s efforts to restrict imports of precursor chemicals needed to make the drug, and several high-profile drug busts, have not led to lower meth production, said the National Drug Intelligence Center report.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has made the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking a cornerstone of his administration, deploying more than 24,000 agents to violent areas. Last month, Calderon said security forces had arrested 15,000 people with links to organized crime and made numerous drug busts in 2007. Mexico now requires prescriptions for medicines that contain pseudoephedrine and blocks over-the-counter sales of the decongestant.


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