Many MA Convicts Left Early On “Good Time” Under Romney


Some 118 killers and rapists were released early from prison under former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's watch even as he has expressed outrage on the presidential campaign trail over a judge who freed a violent ex-con now accused of killing again, reports the Boston Herald. The inmates released under Romney were allowed to leave by the Department of Correction by claiming “good time” that in some cases substantially cut their sentences. Ninety-five of those inmates were convicted of manslaughter, 20 were locked up for rape, and three were juveniles convicted of first-degree murder.

It is the very same “good time” system that freed ex-con killer Daniel Tavares, who shaved 360 days off his sentence by claiming time he did not deserve. Tavares, 41, stands accused of killing a Washington state couple. An outraged Romney has demanded that a resign for releasing Tavares. Romney opponents said his repeated attacks on Mike Huckabee, his chief Republican opponent in today's Iowa caucuses, ring hollow when compared to the Tavares case and the scores of other inmates who were set free early during his tenure. “I'm surprised (Romney) would be campaigning in such a strident manner, saying that he's been so tough on crime,” said State Sen. Richard Tisei who supports Rudy Giuliani. “It's another example of an area where he shouldn't be criticizing other candidates.”


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