Married Couple Patrols Cleveland’s Most Dangerous Streets


Not many married couples can chase drug dealers and thieves in the morning, then cook dinner together in the evening. Cleveland patrol officers Jack Steele and Jefnnifer Robertson have been partners on the street for nearly 10 years, partners in life for eight, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. While several married couples work in the Cleveland police department, Steele and Robertson are the only married couple who also keep the city safe from the same patrol car. They work out of a district considered by many to be the toughest in the city.

Both agree that the fear of being seriously injured or killed in the line of duty will always exist, regardless of whether their partner is a spouse, but the couple are not afraid for each other on the job. Robertson, 47, and Steele, 39, hope to have children together. She has a son, 14, from her first marriage. They discuss their job and its dangers with her son. At first, Robertson thought it would scare him, but he likes to hear about their days patrolling the city. Police have high divorce rates, but the bond of wearing a badge and gun has an advantage for Robertson and Steele. They can share dangerous details about the day’s work without scaring each other. “That’s what’s nice about being married to a cop,” Robertson said. “They understand.”


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