NJ To Ban Paroled Sex Offenders From Internet Networking


New Jersey will ban some paroled sex offenders from surfing the Internet, the Associated Press reports. Acting Gov. Richard Codey today will sign a bill he sponsored that restricts Internet use for anyone who used a computer to help commit their original sex crime. It exempts computer work done as part of a job or search for employment.

It is unknown how many offenders the new law will effect. About 4,400 convicted sex offenders will be subject to new Internet restrictions approved by the state parole board last month. Those rules ban sex offenders from using social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Under the new New Jersey law, sex offenders would have to let the parole board know about their access to computers. Convicted sex offenders must submit to periodic, unannounced examinations of their computer equipment and install equipment so computer use can be monitored.

Link: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/breaking/news_breaking/20071227_ap_codeytosignlawlimitingsexoffe

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