Camden Looks At One-Way Street As A Crime Remedy


Camden, N.J., is trying to fight crime by making Louis Street one way for traffic for an 11-block stretch, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. Police and criminologists say it could make the dangerous corridor easier for police to monitor and more livable. Making the heavily traveled and heavily patrolled street one-way should cut down on traffic and give police a better handle on who comes and goes, said a police captain. “It’s got a lot of vehicle traffic and a lot of pedestrian traffic,” he said. “There are also no stop signs, which gives people the ability to get up a lot of speed.”

Rutgers University-Camden criminologist Jon’a Meyer said the move was a good one. “Controlling traffic by making streets one-way or by entirely closing them is an approach that has worked in other cities,” Meyer said. “It’s especially effective against folks coming into the area for, shall we say, illicit reasons.” Ronald V. Clarke, a Rutgers professor of criminology in Newark, also saw merit in the Camden move. “I can’t say I know of any research that has looked at the impact of making streets one-way, but I would say it is consistent with closing streets, and there are quite a lot of studies that show that is effective,” he said.


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