Murder Down, NY Prosecutors Have Time For Economic Cases


Manhattan leads New York City’s five boroughs in homicide reductions, says District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. with 65 homicides this year, Manhattan’s murder total has dropped 40 percent from 2006, reports the New York Daily News. In 1975, when Morgenthau became DA, Manhattan had 648 murders, or 39.4 percent of the city’s total. Today it has just 14 percent of the citywide total.

Morgenthau attributed the dramatic drop to “excellent work done by the police and prosecutors,” particularly his office’s firearms trafficking unit and homicide investigation unit. Morgenthau said the drop in violent crime “has enabled us to put more resources [into] combating economic crime.” Manhattan posted a 40 percent increase in the amount of fines, forfeiture judgments and back taxes collected. Of the $43 million collected, a large part came from two former Tyco executives, Dennis Kozlowski and Mark Swartz, who are serving long prison sentences for grand larceny and fraud.


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