U.S. Anticrime Grants To States Slashed In Appropriations Bill


Federal anticrime grants to states take a big hit in the government appropriations bill being considered by Congress this week and likely to be signed by President Bush. The National Criminal Justice Association, which represents states, says the measure is “extremely bad news” for Justice Assistance Grant program (JAG), which will be cut from $520 million to $170 million. The Community Oriented Policing program (COPS) fared better, getting $587 million, up from $542 million last year. Another anticrime grant program, called Byrne Discretionary, will get approximately level funding at $187.5 million but is mostly taken up by projects earmarked by individual members of Congress.

Among other Justice Department agencies, the Bureau of Justice Statistics will get level funding at $34.8 million, a majority of which is devoted to the National Crime Victimization Survey. The bureau had been threatened by a Senate-passed bill aimed at cutting its budget to $10 million. Violence Against Women programs are down for $400 million, a slight increase from last year. The official in charge of administering the general anticrime grant funds, Cybele Daley of the U.S. Office of Justice Programs, has announced her resignation effective Dec. 28. It is not clear who might be designated to replace her.

Link: http://cjj.mn-8.net

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