Clinton Apologizes To Obama For Ex-Aide’s Drug Comment


The most dramatic moment in the White House race yesterday took place on the Washington, D.C., Reagan National Airport tarmac, says the New York Daily News: Hillary Clinton apologized to Barack Obama for her supporter’s suggestion he might have sold drugs. Clinton’s former top New Hampshire adviser, Bill Shaheen, had said Obama’s past drug use might sink him in a general election. “She made it clear that negative personal remarks will not have any part in our campaign,” said Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson. Shaheen resigned from Clinton’s campaign, insisting he “made a mistake” and that his inflammatory comments to The Washington Post “were in no way authorized by Sen. Clinton.”

Obama “made clear that it’s important that campaigns send a message from the top down to all their people []. that negative campaigning isn’t the fun part of the process,” said his top adviser, David Axelrod. Obama, 46, wrote about his drinking and illegal drug use, including cocaine and marijuana, in his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father.” Axelrod said Obama never sold drugs.


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