CO Religious Unit Shootings Shock Clergy, Politicians


Arvada, Co., police have “reason to believe” that deadly attacks at two religious institutions 70 miles apart that left five dead and six injured are probably linked, says the Denver Post.. Two people were fatally shot at a housing complex for missionaries in training at 12:30 a.m. Sunday in Arvada. Thirteen hours later, at Colorado Springs’ evangelical New Life Church, a parishioner was killed and four people were injured before the shooter was shot dead by a New Life security guard.

The shootings shocked Colorado’s politicians and clergy and underscored the danger – and vulnerability – that can arise when ministering to the needy. “When you kneel down to serve someone, you are in a vulnerable position to get kicked, and that is always the role of the church,” said the Rev. Jim Ryan, executive director of the Colorado Council of Churches.


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