FL Judge Orders Inmate To Stop Harassing Victim Families


Andrew Allred, an inmate in Florida’s Seminole County Jail, wrote a “birthday card” to former girlfriend Tiffany Barwick, a college student he is accused of killing, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Allred is charged with breaking into a party in in September and killing the woman and a friend. Allred has written to Barwick’s parents at least six times.

Instead of writing back, the Barwicks are trying to get state legislation passed that would give anyone harassed by an ex-lover the same protection that spouses have under domestic-violence laws. Shortly before her death, Tiffany Barwick had unsuccessfully sought protection from the sheriff’s office after receiving a series of threatening e-mails. Now a judge has ordered Allred not to “e-mail, text message, instant message, call by telephone, send letters or other correspondence to, or otherwise have contact directly or indirectly, with families of the victims.


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