FBI Joins Investigation Of Miami Crime Stats Reporting


The investigation into Miami’s crime stats reached a new level this week, reports WFOR-TV. The FBI is stepping in, and they want to know if the police department’s top brass is encouraging officers to manipulate their reports in order to make the department look better. Some police officials allege Police Chief Timoney is obstructing the investigation. The Miami Police Department has been under investigation over charges it falsified crime reports to make the city appear safer than it really is.

“This is a critical issue; it goes to the issue of public confidence,” Timoney said earlier this year. He denied his department cooks the crime stat books and said he welcomes an investigation. An internal memo has some people questioning his commitment to a full probe. Timoney said that all materials being given to investigators must go through specified liaisons. “In my opinion, he’s obstructing the investigation,” said Fraternal Order of Police President Armando Aguilar.

Link: http://cbs4.com/local/Miami.Police.Crime.2.604484.html

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