Deputy’s Widow Files Claim Against WA Prison Officials


Steve Cox, 46, a King County sheriff’s deputy was shot to death a year ago by a felon who was on parole from state prison. The Seattle Times says his Cox’s widow has filed a $22 million damage claim as a required first step in suing the state prison system.

Cox, a nine-year Sheriff’s Office veteran, was fatally shot last year while questioning Raymond Porter, a parolee released from prison in 2006 who had repeatedly failed drug tests and missed appointments with corrections officers but had not been returned to prison. Porter, 23, killed Cox and then exchanged gunfire with two other deputies before committing suicide. Maria Cox, the deputy’s widow, filed the claim against the state prison system last Friday, two days before the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death. Her attorney, Jack Connelly, said the claim is the precursor to a lawsuit that will likely be filed early next year. “The facts are very egregious,” Connelly said. “[Porter] should have never been out. [] We think this is a loss that should have never occurred.”


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