Daley Defends Weis $300K; Another FBI Man Was 1st Choice


Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has no apologies for making his new police superintendent the highest-paid employee on the city payroll, insisting the $300,000 a year that Jody Weis will receive is warranted for his responsibilities, says the Chicago Tribune. Justifying Weis’ salary is “very, very easy,” Daley said. “Highland Park — $126,000 for a police chief. How many people live there? Lake Forest, $119,000, Barrington, $113,000, Los Angeles, $300,000.” “This man could go anyplace within the FBI,” Daley said of Weis. “He could go outside [to the private sector]. I am very responsible paying him that much money.”

Assuming City Council approval, Weis will be paid both for his police duties and for serving as the city’s chief emergency officer, in charge of disaster planning, coordination and response.” When you want to get the best, you get the best,” Daley said. Weis, whose 22-year law-enforcement career has been with the FBI, was the first person to be offered the job but was not necessarily Daley’s first choice. Daley also interviewed Michael Mason, executive assistant director at FBI headquarters. He “encompassed everything the mayor was looking for” and was “the perfect candidate,” said one city official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Mason has a “pristine record,” is a native of Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood and is African-American, something considered a plus, the official said. Mason, however, told Daley he had committed to a private-sector job that would begin after his FBI retirement. Mason recommended Weis, who has been in charge of the agency’s Philadelphia field office.

Link: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-daley_05dec05,1,3019221.story

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