Austin Fires Cop In Shooting; Officer Predicts “Police Funerals”


Austin, Tx., Police Chief Art Acevedo fired an officer who fatally shot a man during a foot pursuit outside a nightclub in June, reports the Austin American-Statesman. The chief said Sgt. Michael Olsen unnecessarily fired a second shot into the man’s back as he lay face down before giving him a chance to comply with an order to show his hands. Acevedo said Olsen repeatedly demonstrated poor judgment, showed a lack of common sense, and failed to follow his training.

Olsen told the newspaper he was “very disappointed that this chief who came in and said he was going to support his officers [] went back on that. If I can’t defend myself when I feel a deadly threat from a man who has a gun, what do officers have to do? Do they have to wait to see a gun or be shot at? If that’s the case, we’ll be at a lot of police funerals.” Olsen’s attorney, Jason Nassour, has appealed Aceved’s decision to the civil service commission. “The chief is a coward,” Nassour said. He accused Acevedo of “trying to be liked instead of respected by the public.”


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