Minneapolis Officer Shot By Colleague Gets $4.5 Million


Minneapolis police officer Duy Ngo will get $4.5 million in damges for being shot by a fellow officer with a submachine gun nearly five years ago, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It was the city’s largest payout for a suit involving the police department, not including $900,000 in legal fees. Ngo, now 35, was working undercover on gang surveillance when he got into a confrontation with an armed man in an alley. Ngo radioed for help, describing the suspect who fled on foot.

Charles Storlie, one of the officers who responded, jumped out of his cruiser and almost immediately began firing his MP5 submachine gun, striking Ngo six times. He didn’t match the description of a black suspect; Ngo is of Vietnamese descent. Storlie wasn’t disciplined; he resigned to work for a company doing consulting work for the military in Iraq.

Link: http://www.startribune.com/10241/story/1573918.html

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