Discovery Times Channel To Focus on Crime, Forensics


Discovery Communications will rebrand its Discovery Times channel it as Investigation Discovery, focusing on crime and forensics programming, reports the Washington Post. To program the new channel, Discovery will draw on hundreds of hours of crime shows in its library, such as “The FBI Files” and “Most Evil.” Discovery is in talks with CBS, to acquire episodes of “48 Hours,” and NBC Universal, to acquire episodes of “Dateline NBC.” Discovery plans to produce 200 hours of original programming next year.

“We thought, if we could rebuild Discovery Times with a programming vision that viewers would connect with, that it could be a very strong economic engine,” said Discovery chief executive David Zaslav, noting that the CourtTV and A&E channels have removed some crime and forensics programming, opening the door for Discovery. “Investigation Discovery allows us to be the home base for a huge number of people around America who love this content as others are walking away from it.”


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