National Geographic TV To Show Special On Life In Prison


National Geographic Television has turned its attention to prisons. In a special, “Prison Nation,” to be shown this Sunday, Nov., 25, at 8 p.m., the channel says it will “take viewers inside the closed world of high- and maximum-security prisons that are increasingly plagued with problems.” National Geographic said it got special access that enabled it to obtain “candid accounts from within the cell blocks, including seasoned criminals running gambling and drug rackets, first timers learning the covert rules and women who prove they can be every bit as brutal as men.” A promotion for the program says it will include information on guards’ struggling “to maintain control amid virtually inevitable violence,” and ex-inmates, on the outside, with no money, housing, or job plan and new connections to other criminals, “end up committing crimes and returning right back behind bars.”

Featured prisons include California’s Salinas Valley, Ironwood, and Pelican Bay facilities; Minnesota’s Oak Park Heights prison, Ohio’s Lebanon Correctional Institute, and the Utah State Prison.


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