Rand Says New York Police Not Practicing Racial Profiling


A Rand Corp. review of a half million stop-and-frisk cases handled by the New York Police Department dispelled allegations of citywide racial profiling by cops – but raised concerns about Staten Island and Brooklyn officers, reports the New York Daily News. Rand, which was hired by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, found that the majority of the stops were not race-related. Black suspects on Staten Island were frisked 29 percent of the time after they were stopped compared with 20 percent for whites in the borough.

Fifteen officers were flagged for targeting blacks and Hispanics more than other cops patrolling the same neighborhoods at the same time. The names and racial background of the problematic officers were not released, but the study’s author said they represent a tiny percentage of the force. The New York Civil Liberties Union called the report a “whitewash.” “It’s clear by their own language that the report’s authors are trying to explain away the racial disparities that arise over and over again,” said Executive Director Donna Lieberman. Kelly asked Rand to dig deeper into why more than 500,000 New Yorkers had been stopped and frisked by police last year. Blacks were stopped in 53 percent of the incidents; Hispanics in 29 percent and whites 11 percent. The racial gap raised questions about whether cops were disproportionately targeting minorities.

Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2007/11/21/2007-11-21_review_says_halfmillion_nypd_stopandfris-1.html

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