Southern CA Sheriff resigns — or is forced out — of Homeland Security Task Force


Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona has resigned from a prominent federal Homeland Security task force and lost his security clearance after a federal indictment against him was unsealed, the Orange County Register reports. Besides losing his spot on the advisory panel, Carona was stripped of his security clearance on Nov. 1 as a matter of policy. According to the paper, there was disagreement about whether the resignation was voluntary or forced.

On Oct. 30, Carona was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he took bribes in exchange for favors that involved the use of his office. He is the second official to resign from the Homeland Security advisory panel after being indicted, the Register said. George Scott, a fire chief from Wyoming, stepped down in August after he was charged in federal court with allegedly traveling out of state to have sex with a teenager in his fire cadet program.


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