Former Pro Wrestler Accused of Running Prostitution Ring


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, former pro wrestler Harrison “Hardbody” Norris Jr. is facing the match of his life in an Atlanta federal courtroom: he is on trial for allegedly keeping nine women as sex slaves. Norris, 41, could be sent to prison for at least 20 years if convicted of the charges.

The paper says that to date, trial testimony has painted a portrait of brutal bondage, involving head butts, mindgames and forced orgies in which women were forced to have sex with up to eight men one a single occasion. The women who have testified said Norris pimped them out at Latino nightclubs, trailer parks and parties until three of them ran to police during a shopping trip in Smyrna. Norris, who is serving as his own attorney, countered that the the women willingly entered his homes – living with his wife and one of his three children – because they wanted to train as pro wrestlers, and that many of them arrived on drugs and left in the best shape of their lives.


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