Experts Offer 27 Proved Ideas To Cut Crime, Improve Justice


Use the probation system to prevent murders. Make oversight of police independent and transparent. Save children from a life of crime by intervening early in their lives. These are some of the prescriptions being offered by leading criminologists to reduce crime and improve the justice system, based on a review of evidence gathered in scientific studies. Articles on 27 such proposals were published in the journal Criminology & Public Policy at the ongoing annual convention of the American Society of Criminology in Atlanta.

The probation idea, from Lawrence Sherman of the University of Pennsylvania, focuses on using forecasting techniques to identify the small fraction of probationers and parolees likely to commit violence. Better oversight of police will help them shed their “code of silence,” says Jack Greene of Northeastern University. Mentoring and after-school programs can be more cost effective anticrime measures than is the juvenile justice system, says Brandon Welsh of the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. Journalists may obtain PDFs of these and other articles by messaging


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