Fired U.S. Attorney: Gonzales Could Face Obstruction Charge


A group of former U.S. attorneys gathered in Miami last weekend to discuss politics and the Justice Department, National Public Radio reports. At the National Association of Former U.S. Attorneys meeting, John McKay, who was fired last year as the top federal prosecutor for the state of Washington, said that former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales could be in legal trouble very soon. Referring to the dismissal of a group of U.S. Attorneys, McKay said “the outlines of an obstruction of justice case exist on these facts. And I think the attorney general’s got serious problems in his dismissal of David Iglesias.”

Iglesias, New Mexico’s U.S. attorney, “was fired in the middle of a specific corruption investigation after complaints were lodged to the attorney general, which he’s admitted,” McKay said. The Justice Department’s Inspector General appears to be wrapping up its investigation of these issues. Gonzales has hired a criminal defense lawyer, who didn’t respond to a request for comment. The Inspector General is also investigating whether Justice Department officials broke the law by hiring career lawyers based on their partisan ideology.


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