Boston Officer Admits Coke Trafficking, Davis Vows Probe


Hours after Boston police officer Roberto Pulido pleaded guilty to federal cocaine-trafficking charges yesterday, Police Commissioner Edward Davis vowed to investigate other allegations of corruption that emerged during two days of testimony, the Boston Globe reports. Davis, who became commissioner 11 months ago, declined to give specifics. In the trial, an FBI agent testified that Pulido told an informant that a police sergeant ran gambling parties and that a patrol officer operated illegal after-hours parties.

Pulido was heard in secretly recorded phone conversations arranging sales of steroids to a former Boston police officer and a current officer who was later indicted. Those disclosures, along with evidence that depicted Pulido as a rogue officer bent on using his badge for illegal profit, raised the specter of a more pervasive culture of corruption in the Boston Police Department. Davis met yesterday with officers in the motorcycle unit Pulido had belonged to and delivered a stern videotaped message on the Police Department’s Web site last night. Pulido, 42, pleaded guilty on the fourth day of his trial in U.S. District Court, capping one of the most notorious police corruption scandals in years.


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