Is The “Fix In” For Flynn As Milwaukee Police Chief?


A Milwaukee council committee narrowly backed a raise for the next police chief, after heated debate over whether the selection was predetermined for Edward Flynn, police commissioner in Springfield, Ma., reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The panel voted, 3-2, to endorse a recommendation from city personnel director Maria Monteagudo to let a commission hire the new chief at any level below the mayor’s pay, $143,883 a year.

Flynn is paid $155,000 a year in Springfield. He was allowed to apply after the deadline for applications had passed, raising questions about whether he is the favorite. Alderman Bob Bauman said. “I think the fix is in on who the next police chief is going to be, and this is an attempt to make his, Mr. Flynn’s, salary demands legal.” Monteagudo responded, “The fix is not in,” and said background checks on the candidates are still under way.


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