Giuliani Defend’s Kerik’s Police, Corrections Record


Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said yesterday that the crime-fighting successes of his disgraced former police commissioner, Bernard Kerik, outweighed his legal problems, says the New York Times, reporting on comments Giuliani made to the Associated Press in New Hampshire. Giuliani said he had erred in not thoroughly vetting Kerik, who is under a federal investigation for accepting free renovations while working for Giuliani from a construction firm suspected of having links to organized crime.

Alluding to Kerik’s record as a public official, Giuliani attributed to him a “74 percent reduction in shootings, a 60 percent reduction in crime, a correction program that went from being one of the worst in the country to one that was on '60 Minutes' as one of the best in the country, 90 percent reduction of violence in the jails.” The Times reported on Saturday that Giuliani ignored warning signs when, in 2000, he chose Kerik as his police commissioner, over the objections of more than half his cabinet.


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