Knives Most Common Weapon In School Crime: FBI


More than 3 percent of 17 million crimes reported from 2000 through 2004 occurred at schools, colleges, and universities, with knives being the most common weapon, says a new FBI study reported by the Washington Post. The Crime in Schools and Colleges study, which gathered data from about a third of the nation’s law enforcement agencies, showed that the most commonly used weapon in more than 558,000 campus-related crimes over five years was a knife — not counting fists and feet, which accounted for most of the incidents.

The largest group arrested for crimes at school for which age was known was 13- to 15-year-olds, accounting for 38 percent of those arrested. More than 76 percent, or 313,556, of those arrested were males. Year after year, October was the month in which the most crimes occurred. More than half of all campus crimes involved acquaintances. About 7.5 percent involved an attack by a stranger. There were reports of 3,700 random assaults in 2004, up from 2,301 in 2000. FBI officials cautioned against drawing conclusions about trends. The agencies that gave data reflect about 22 percent of the U.S. population.


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