Chicago Lawmakers Ask Judge For Access To Police Files


With the Chicago Police Department mired in accusations of misconduct, a majority of aldermen have taken the unusual step of asking a federal judge for access to the names of officers who were the subjects of the most complaints, the New York Times reports. Mayor Richard Daley, who opposes releasing the information, accused the officials of grandstanding and disloyalty to the police force. At issue is a list of hundreds of names of officers who have been subjects of multiple complaints by the public on abuses, including brutality and false arrests.

The city has taken steps to make sure that the list and other information related to possible police misconduct remain confidential. The aldermen, who have oversight of the department, insist that they have a right to it. Judge Joan Lefkow said she did not have jurisdiction to release the names. Earlier, Lefkow had ordered the documents made public. To the embarrassment of a city that hopes to host the Olympic Games in 2016, the pummeling of a small woman was broadcast globally on YouTube and other Web sites. Two civil juries have recently awarded multimillion-dollar settlements to men who said the police had abused them.


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