Utah Taking Second Look At Gun Permits For Out-Of-Staters


Utah legislators will take another look at the state’s concealed-firearm permit that has become wildly popular nationally and around the world as the best way to pack a hidden gun in the U.S., reports the Salt Lake Tribune. The state legislature has been wrestling with an influx of out-of-state applications from people who are not required to set foot in Utah to get the state’s cheap and easy-to-obtain concealed-carry permit.

Through reciprocity agreements, Utah’s permit allows them to carry a concealed gun in 30 other states. In the last two years, more than half of Utah’s so-called concealed-carry permits have been issued to out-of-state residents. “We are becoming the state of choice for a lot of people around the country to obtain these concealed-weapon permits,” said Public Safety Department attorney Rick Wyss. Lawmakers were surprised to learn last month that about 1,000 non-resident citizens of foreign countries, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Switzerland, have been issued Utah’s permit under less stringent requirements than Utahns face. Most other nations do not maintain adequate crime records – including mental health records, dishonorable discharges, and protective orders – to determine if applicants meet Utah’s good character requirement.

Link: http://www.sltrib.com/ci_7264687

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