L.A. Agency Fails To Release Reports On Many Cop Shootings


Despite vowing to “provide greater transparency” on police shootings and other violent encounters, the Los Angeles Police Commission has failed to make public the details of nearly 200 confrontations involving officers, the Los Angeles Times reports. After inquiries from The Times, the agency scrambled to post more reports on its Web site. Two years ago, the five-member civilian commission said it would post the accounts of such incidents along with rulings on whether officers’ use of force was within departmental policy.

The commission has released information on only one of the more than 110 force incidents that occurred in 2006. Dozens of other reports from 2005 are absent from the website. No reports on the more than 90 incidents this year have been released, but the police department is still investigating many of those cases. “We’ve fallen behind here; that’s regrettable,” said commission President Anthony Pacheco. “Is it important? Absolutely. There’s not a dispute here on how important these reports are. We need to do better.”

Link: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/crime/la-me-shooting20oct20,1,6929830.story?coll=la-headlines-cal

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