Despite Crowding, Large Los Angeles Women’s Jail Still Closed


Jail overcrowding has increased the dangers of the violence-prone Los Angeles County correctional system, but a jail that once housed 2,000 female inmates in Los Angeles County remains closed, more than a year after county officials voted to spend more than $100 million to renovate it and put it back into service, says the Los Angeles Times.

The facility, long-closed because of criticism for its obsolescence, is supposed to be undergoing renovations that will return it to service as a moderized 1,000 bed correctional unit. Sheriff Lee Baca told the newspaper he is frustrated by the delays, which have been complicated by the concerns of residents of the area that surrounds the jail. “We’re heading into the second year of funding and we haven’t thrown a shovel into the ground,” Baca said. “Quite frankly, it’s taken way too long.”


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