MO Man Who Assaulted Boys Faces Dangers In Prison


Michael Devlin, who has received 74 life sentences for kidnapping and assaulting two boys in the St. Louis area, was shifted to a western Missouri prison for his own safety, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Devlin’s attorneys have requested that he be placed in protective custody, away from other inmates. If Devlin were assigned to the state’s maximum-security prison in Potosi, relatively near the scenes of his two abductions, “that facility is manned by and large by citizens of that area. They have a strong feeling [] about what happened those cases,” said one lawyer. “So you can imagine the danger he’d be in.”

Devlin must survive among violent men who will know that he sexually assaulted boys. That would put Devlin at the bottom of the prison hierarchy and in more danger of being attacked, said Beth Huebner, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and a corrections expert. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was cleaning a Milwaukee prison bathroom with two other inmates in 1994 when one of them beat Dahmer and the third inmate to death with a bar from a weight machine – and told a guard that God told him to do it.


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