Indictment Likely For Ex-Giuliani Police Commissioner Kerik


Former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik is expected to be indicted next month for bribery, tax fraud, and obstruction of justice, reports the New York Daily News. The case could be an embarrassment for Kerik’s former mentor, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. The bribery allegations stem from a secret meeting at a bar. Last spring, Kerik turned down a deal to plead guilty to tax charges. Since then, the probe has expanded to include other charges.

The indictment will have direct implications for Giuliani, as his former aides are called to testify about Kerik. The case involves a contractor’s free renovations at his apartment, which prosecutors call a bribe. After Kerik served as Giuliani’s police commissioner, Giuliani hired him at his firm, Giuliani Partners, and recommended him to President Bush as Homeland Security secretary. “It was a mistake,” Giuliani told CNN’s Larry King in February. “I think the answer is I made a mistake and I took responsibility for it.”


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