NJ Launches Broad Antigang, Gun Violence Program


Reacting to escalating gun and gang violence New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine yesterday announced an anticrime strategy that he said would reduce the state’s rising murder rate and allow people to feel safer in their communities, the Associated Press reports. Corzine discussed law enforcement yesterday, to be followed by plans today and tomorrow about crime prevention and prisoner re-entry. Although New Jersey has fewer reported crimes than than a decade ago, the number of homicides and gun-related crimes has risen, an escalation law enforcement officials attribute to the increasing presence of street gangs.

The law enforcement initiative involves these steps: Introducing modern data collection and analysis-based policing to departments that don’t already have them; having communities assess their gang problem and target gangs and gun violence accordingly; sepping up efforts to stem illegal gun traffic and vigorously investigating all shootings; expanding witness protection programs, and involving community members in developing law enforcement and anti-violence strategies.

Link: http://www.nj.com/newsflash/wbgo/index.ssf?/base/news-28/1191964467311230.xml&storylist=jersey

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