Inside Indianapolis’s Most Dangerous Address


Indianapolis’s 328-unit apartment complex called the Phoenix is the most dangerous place in the city, says Indianapolis Star columnist Matt Tully in a three-part series, Life on the Edge. “No place is more troubled in Indianapolis than the Phoenix Apartments,” Tully says. The complex’ owners, RCM Phoenix Partners, are receiving over $2 million in subsidized, Section 8 housing payments annually to operate a housing complex where your chances of being shot are greater than your chances of graduating from high school and attending college.

Tully tells how the administration of former mayor Stephen Goldsmith made a good faith attempt to clean up the crime-ridden neighborhood back in the 1990s. Goldsmith tells Tully it is the site of one of his “grandest failures.” Former Lt. Gov. John Mutz recounts how he and his wife lived in the neighborhood back in the 1960s. Today, police who work this beat tell Tully it’s like “doing patrols in Afghanistan.”


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