Despite Earlier Suicide Watch, Sex-Case Prosecutor Kills Self


A federal prosecutor from Florida indicted in an Internet sex sting committed suicide by tying a bed sheet from a shower head, reports the Detroit News. The official cause of death for John David “Roy” Atchison is listed as asphyxiation. Federal prison officials have not said how Atchison, an inmate on suicide watch due to an earlier suicide attempt, managed to hang himself and they have declined to say whether Atchison died in a cell equipped with a shower or in a separate facility.

“If they put him in a cell with a shower, that was totally foolish,” said Daniel Manville, a lawyer specializing in prisoner rights lawsuits. “If they allowed him to walk from a cell to a shower, with sheets, you really have to start wondering. You have to ask serious questions about where was the failure in the system. There had to be in this case based upon what we know.”


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