Secret Service Investigates Fake ID’s At CA School


Secret Service agents are investigating the sale of fake IDs among teenagers at Sacramento’s Jesuit High School, highlighting an emerging reality of modern life: What was once a common act of teenage delinquency has become a crime potentially associated with identity theft, terrorism, and risks to national security, says the Sacramento Bee. A Secret Service agent came to Jesuit last week to look at the quality of two IDs school authorities confiscated in investigating the sale of fake IDs among students.

As long as there’s been a drinking age, kids have found a way to get hold of identifications that boost their age. In 2001, President Bush’s daughter Jenna, then 19, was reported to have used a fake ID to buy booze at a Texas restaurant. After it was learned that some of the terrorists who hijacked four airplanes on Sept. 11, 2001, had obtained fake IDs in preparing for their attack, false identification was no longer the province of juvenile troublemakers. The teens at Jesuit were unaware that their quest for IDs that would make them appear older could be of interest to the federal government, said a school official. “Not one of them had any clue that this could be a violation of (federal law),” he said. “But this is the world they live in.”


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