Seattle Anticrime Web Site Aims At Business Owners


When four Seattle-area men launched the Web site in late June, it was designed for small-business owners to post surveillance video and photos of thieves free of charge. The four creators saw the site as a YouTube for crime prevention, says the Seattle Times. The site’s intention is to identify the suspects and help police. The site has been slow to catch on, with only a few business owners posting. The site currently has items that are widely distributed on the Web – photos of bank robbers sought by the FBI, police mug shots from across the nation and daily crime reports released by the city of Bellevue.

Ben Sharpe, a creator, hopes to include crime photos and video from block-watch groups and victims. The site, which Sharpe says gets about 7,000 hits each month, includes crimes from Georgia, Texas, and California. A Bellevue police spokesman is not pleased that the information the department is releasing – details about assaults, robberies, burglaries and other call-outs – is being posted. He said the department likes to release the information, not have it posted on someone’s site.


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