Many School Systems Banning Parent Ex-Sex Offenders


School boards across the U.S. are debating how to deal with parents who are sex offenders, reports the Associated Press. A new North Dakota law allows sex offenders to be on school property if they are there to vote or attend a public meeting. It does not give them permission to attend extracurricular school activities. That decision rests with school boards. School policies dealing with sex-offender parents in schools vary by state and district, said Cullen Casey of the Alexandria-Va.-based National School Boards Association.

Some districts, especially larger ones, do not have the resources or time to deal with decisions about parents who are registered sex offenders, so they are banned altogether. The Mandan (N.D.) School District, adopted a no-tolerance approach last month that bans convicted sex offenders from schools even if they are parents. “Right now, the safest thing to do is err on the side of kids and just say no,” said Wilfred Volesky, the district’s superintendent.


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