No Interracial Crime Wave Likely In L.A., Researchers Say


Despite a few highly publicized cases, Los Angeles is not “on the brink” of a major interracial crime wave, three University of California, Irvine scholars concluded after examining assault, robbery and homicide data, the Los Angeles Times reports. The researchers said that, although some crimes involving blacks and Latinos have been “sensationalized,” overall crime statistics suggest that offenders preying on people of their own group is a much bigger problem and should remain the focus of police attention.

“It sort of goes against the more spectacular stories that have been dramatized in the media,” said John Hipp, one of the researchers. “It’s far more common to see [violence] going on within groups. We don’t see any real trend here.” The study found that black offenders were nearly eight times more likely to kill another black person than to kill a Latino, and Latino offenders were nearly twice as likely to kill another Latino. The robbery and assault picture was similar. Overall, black-Latino violence is dwarfed by black-on- black and Latino-on-Latino crime, the researchers said. The Homicide Report, an online project of the Los Angeles Times chronicling every killing in Los Angeles County, reported a similar finding about black-Latino murder rates.


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