Violent Crime Reports Up 1.9 Percent In 2006: New FBI Data


Violent crime reports in the U.S. increased 1.9 percent last year compared with 2005, the FBI reported today. The rise was greater than that reported in the FBI’s preliminary report for last year issued in June, which gave the figure as 1.3 percent. The new volume includes data from more law enforcement agencies. While the rate of violent crime–473.5 per 100,000 inhabitants–rose for the second straight year, it is the third lowest total in the past two decades. Property crimes rates dropped to their lowest level since 1987.

The FBI report showed murders up 1.8 percent, from 16,740 to 17,034. The preliminary report had murders up .3 percent from 2005. Robbery reports jumped 7.2 percent, from 417,438 to 447,403. Property crimes were down 1.9 percent. Of specific property crimes, motor vehicle thefts dropped 3.5 percent and larcenies 2.6 percent but burglaries increased 1.3 percent. The full data report can be accessed on the FBI’s Web site.


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