Gun Manufacturers Offering Pink Models To Women


More gun manufacturers are selling pink guns to appeal to women, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. A.22-caliber Crickett rifle ($169.99) has a bright pink stock, and a Remington Express Jr. .20 gauge shotgun ($379.99) has a laminated pink-and-black stock emblazoned with the slogan “Shoot like a girl if you can!” Connie Cody, 48, an administrative assistant, wishes she had seen pink guns for sale after she completed her hunter safety course about 18 months ago. Since then, she has bought a 9-millimeter pistol, a .357 revolver, a .38 Derringer and a .380 pistol, all in traditional hues. “If they stock them,” Cody vowed after learning about pink guns, “I’m going to buy one.”

Cynthia Good, editor of Pink, a new Atlanta-based national business magazine for women, said, “I’m not surprised in the least that they’re making guns that are pink.” Michelle Scheuermann of The Sportsman Channel agrees. Manufacturers of outdoor equipment are trying to expand their markets and know pink can help, she said. In Baraboo, Jim Astle, owner of Jim’s Gun Supply, has been coating guns in pink and other colors for four years. His daughter, 12, owns a pink camouflage shotgun. “Females want to shoot guns, but they want them to look pretty, too,” he said. “Guys could give a rat’s butt what their gun looks like.”


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