CO Rape Victim Goes Public To Help Other Women


As she was raped, Kimberly Corban of Colorado plotted her revenge, the Denver Post reports. She memorized her attacker’s whispered taunts and gauged how tall he was, his weight, even his shoe size through quick peeks under the black shirt he had shoved over her face. “I wasn’t going to survive by kicking and screaming, but by finding out who he was,” said Corban, 21. “That’s how I would get my revenge.” In June, a jury found Ronnie Pieros, 25, guilty of sexual assault. Pieros was sentenced to 24 years to life in prison.

Corban is encouraging rape victims to report the crime. She has had to fight through debilitating depression and seizures brought on by the attack. Still, Corban is happy with her decision to put her name out to the media, which typically don’t identify rape victims. “I could have crawled inside myself and stayed home with my parents and watched TV every night and tried to forget about it all,” Corban said. “Believe me, I want to forget about it [] but I also want to do something about it.” Corban was a business major in college before the attack. She has since switched to psychology and is pursuing a minor in speech to prepare herself for talking to groups about rape. “She’s a role model for all the victims out there,” said Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck.


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