CO Prosecutor Seeks Federal Aid On Illegal Immigrant Crime


A standing-room-only crowd of 600 packed a Colorado auditorium yesterday to hear about crimes committed by illegal immigrants as part of efforts to establish a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office, reports the Rocky Mountain News. Titled “Illegal Immigration: The Untold Stories” and organized by Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, the meeting had drawn criticism from Hispanic leaders as being one-sided because it highlighted crimes committed only by Hispanics.

The meeting began with a slide show accompanied by an ominous soundtrack detailing crimes committed by illegal immigrants. The slides listed the crimes committed by Hispanic men, all of them with prior convictions to illustrate the point that they had fallen through the law enforcement net. “There is a contrast between what’s happening in courtrooms and on the streets, and what’s happening with policy makers in Washington, D.C.,” Buck said. “There’s a rift. And we need to fill that rift with information. We need more resources to deport dangerous criminals.” Buck noted that “the vast majority of illegal immigrants in this country do not commit crimes other than coming into this country illegally.”


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