1 In 3 Youths Sees Little Or No Risk In Trying Meth: Survey


Despite methamphetamine’s addictive and sometimes deadly effects, one in three youths sees little or no risk in trying the illegal drug, says a survey reported by Gannett News Service. Nearly one in four youths believes meth “makes you feel euphoric or happy” or helps you lose weight; the same number said it would be “very” or “somewhat easy” to obtain meth, according to a first-ever national use and attitudes survey about the drug released yesterday.

Three out of four youths said they are strongly opposed to using meth. The survey of 2,602 students age 12-17 was done by The Meth Project, a Palo Alto, Ca.-based project that aims to reduce first time meth users through advertising campaigns. The project, which has run an anti-meth campaign in Montana since 2005, found that meth use among youths in that state has dropped 50 percent.

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2007-09-18-meth-survey_N.htm

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