O.J. Case Causing Media Frenzy In Las Vegas


It’s only an alleged robbery of sports memorabilia, but O.J. Simpson is emergging as the biggest news story from Nevada since a fire tore through the MGM Grand in 1980, killing more than 80 people, says the Las Vegas Review Journal. “If O.J. Simpson gets convicted and goes to prison, this story’s going to be big,” said state archivist Guy Rocha. “Big, big, big. People don’t forget O.J. Simpson.”

For Las Vegans, even those accustomed to the frequent Sin City stories that make national headlines, the media frenzy is unprecedented. “Oh, my God, in my 17 1/2 years (as a judge) I’ve never seen anything like this,” Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Nancy Oesterle said. Court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer had more than 100 e-mails from national media by noon yesterday after Simpson wsas arrested. As of yesterday afternoon, there were more than 15 media requests to cover Simpson’s first appearance in court tomorrow. Reuters, The Associated Press, “Entertainment Tonight,” CNN and “People Magazine” were just a few of them. Local news affiliates came to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, where residents are still captivated by Simpson and the 1994 trial that made him infamous, according to NBC News Channel reporter Jinah Kim, who arrived with a camera crew on Friday. “Most of us covered O.J.” and his trial, she said. “When we heard O.J.’s in trouble again, it had a bit more significance.”

Link: http://www.lvrj.com/news/9847201.html

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