Schofield To Depart Justice Programs Agency After 2 Years


Regina Schofield, Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Justice Programs, will follow Attorney General Alberto Gonzales out the door next week. She is the latest in a series of high Justice Department officials to quit with only 16 months left in the Bush administration Schofield served a little over two years in the position, which oversees federal grants for state and local law enforcement programs and includes the National Institute of Justice and Bureau of Justice Statistics.

In announcing Schofield’s departure, the Justice Department said that under her leadership, her agency helped protect children from online predators, produced groundbreaking statistics and research on crime-related matters, advanced law enforcement information sharing, helped crime victims, and watched successes in Weed and Seed communities. She served as the national Amber Alert Coordinator, helping create and strengthe regional, state, and local plans to aid in recovering abducted children. Other Schofield activities cited included participation in Project Safe Neighborhoods, Project Safe Childhood, the President's DNA initiative, the Prisoner Reentry Initiative, and Helping America's Youth.


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