Profiling Keith Sadler, Potential Phila. Police Commissioner


Keith Sadler, 48, has just became head of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Detective Bureau, which includes the overburdened homicide unit, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. He made a little history by becoming the first African American to hold the position of chief of detectives. He freely admits that he wants to become police commissioner. He said he had wanted to be the top cop “since the Police Academy.” His name is mentioned when police insiders and observers talk about likely choices to follow Sylvester Johnson.

“You have to be highly visible, highly aggressive, but you have to be smart on the other side with [street] intelligence. You have to use all the data that is available,” he said. “It’s complicated, but it’s nothing new.” Sadler rose up the department ranks to inspector and then chief inspector. His first job as chief was to run the Patrol Bureau, the heart of the Police Department. He then moved to the Forensic Science Bureau, which he led until last week. While in forensic science, he checked out one of the CSI shows. “I could only stomach one [episode],” he said. “The stuff you see on TV doesn’t happen.”


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