Parents: L.I. Sexual Predator Sting Was Too Close To Home


District Attorney Kathleen Rice of Long Island’s Nassau County is facing criticism from parents for using a private home to catch sexual predators in a sting operation, Newsday reports. The parents said their children were placed in danger by inviting predators to a community of families. “How are you going to assure us that everyone you invited to that home was arrested?” asked one man. “They could have shared information with others before coming there and those people could be driving around our neighborhoods.”

Responded Rice: “The only individuals who received the address were targeted. There is no one out there who didn’t come. We got every single one of them.” Of the 21 men arrested, six agreed to meet for sex with young girls in Nassau County locations, including a few at the home. The rented sting house was selected based on proximity to parkways and its location next to a large parking lot needed for a sizable undercover police presence. Rice said arranging to meet with a suspect at the house was a last resort: “To get the worst of the worst, you try to set up a meeting.”


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