D.C. Police Pull Plug On Long-Pending Accreditation Effort


Washington, D.C.’s unaccredited police department spent tens of thousands of public dollars and countless hours readying itself for a critical outside accreditation only to pull the plug at the last minute because the department failed to prepare adequately for the review, reports the Washington Examiner. Accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc. had been the city’s decades-long goal. When the agency sent staff to inspect thedepartment in late March – after years of meetings, test runs and policy changes from the police department – D.C. officials hadn't finished paperwork.

“Chief Lanier thanked the assessors for their hard work and said it would be a waste of time for them to continue,” said a report obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Former Police Chief Charles Ramsey, had made accreditation one of the missions of his regime. Police union chair Kristopher Baumann said the commission debacle is another embarrassment for Ramsey, who is being considered for the chief's job in Baltimore.


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